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KIDS Campus Halloween Party 2017 Saturday

 Hello! 今回はSaturday Halloween Partyの様子をお伝えしますやじるし ↑ 矢印


Morning Session(10:00~):

☆Good morningkyuWelcome to the K.C Halloween Party 2017ハロウィン

☆Who are the lucky people today? Open JOLハロウィン and find lotteryハロウィン

☆We have the winners祝

☆Pack up time笑顔

☆In the black forest..見る

☆Pirates of Caribbeanパイレーツ

☆Let's play with toys手

☆Take a breakグッドMicheal Jackson is dancingゆう★

☆Trick or treatハロウィン

☆Group Photosゆう★   See you laterちゅん


Kinder Session(13:00~):

☆Welcome to K.C Halloween Party 2017 ハロウィンGood afternoon手

☆Take one card pleaseき

☆We have the lucky winners♪

☆Pirates of Caribbeanいえい

☆What's next?

☆Ghost ship船

☆In the Black Forest白目

☆What are you?


☆Let's eat something sweet:)

☆Trick or treatingハロウィン

☆Group Photosカメラ


School Kids Session:(16:00~):

☆Good afternoon!

☆Welcome to the K.C Halloween Party 2017

☆Let's play a lottery拝む

☆We have the winnersvagy

☆Ghost Ship幽霊

☆Can you do it properly?


☆Who is that behind the door?

☆Pirates of Caribbeanハロウィン

☆In the Black Forest..汗

☆Help meエクステンション

☆Take a break手♪

☆Oh no...You broke the toy0口0

☆Trick or treatハロウィン

☆Group photos








 次回は「スピーチコンテストて」の様子お伝えしますこぷーちゃんHave a nice day!




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