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KIDS Campus Sunflower Camp 2018

  Hello, how are you? すっかり秋らしい気候が続いています山の木々も色づき始め、紅葉シーズンなのでしょう、たくさんの車が山へ入っていくのをよく目にしますキノコ採りに入っている方もいるとおもいますマナーを守って安全に過ごしてほしいと願う今日この頃、皆様はいかがお過ごしでしょうか?

 さて、キッズキャンパスでは10月7日、8日と連休を利用して、「Sunflower camp」いわゆる年長児の「お泊り保育」をしました初めて親元を離れる子もいて、保護者ともども不安になったかもしれませんが、台風の影響など一切感じさせずに、元気にいろんなプログラムに参加しました




★Good morning


★What do you have?

★We set the bed

★Let's go to the planetarium

★We made key chain

★We can see many stars

★What's this?

★What can you see?

★Let's take some photos


★We had lunch first at Moku Moku Hiroba

★Now it's play time

★We saw many interesting toys

★It's so fun 

★Can I try?

★Alex sensei liked this toy so much

★We completed the puzzle together

★"Help! I'm going down."

★Next, we are going to shop for dinner and Onsen 

★You need to find ..

★I found it

★We got everything now

★ At Onsen, "See you soon"

★5 minutes later....


★It's dinner prep time

★We made pizza from scratch

★We cooked Yakitori and Yakisoba too

★We put sauce on the dough

★Everything was great

★Dessert time

★Changed to pajamas and watch movie

★What's happening to my hair?

★Good night

★Good morning







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