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KIDS Campus Halloween Party 2018 (Saturday)

 Hello, how are you? 先日ようやくHalloween(Friday)の様子をアップしました続きまして、Halloween(Saturday)の3セッションの様子をアップします寒くなってきましたが、体調管理に努めて、風邪をひかないようにしましょうね






★Good morning, how are you today?

★Are you scared?

★Introduce teachers

★I'm so excited

★まずはGroup photos

★Jack o' lantern toss

★Let me try


★I got it

★Let's get on the Hogwarts Express

★Turn left, please

★Take it easy

★It feels good


〇13:00~ (幼稚園クラス


★Welcome to K.C Halloween Party 2018



★Take group photos

★Let's get on the Express

★Are you OK?

★Where are you?

★You are in the potion class

★Use your magic wunds

★Let's go trick or treating


16:00~ (小学生クラス


★What are you wearing today?

★What's going to happen?

★Party begins

★Take group photos

★We made cup towers

★and played puzzle

★We got magic wunds from Olivander

★Why are you crying?

★We got some sweets

★Trick or treating

★Did you get some treats?

★We had a great fun



次回はスピーチコンテストの様子をお伝えしますStay tuned

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