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KIDS Campus Summer School 2019




 さて、キッズキャンパスでは、7月24日(水)、25日(木)、26日(金)の三日間で「Summer School」をおこないました





Day 1


★集合、Counting heads

★Introduction海外のパーティとは?How do we prepare for the party?



★They were able to do everything without any help

★We made paper lanterns

★Decorate table clothes beautifully

★Also the paper rings, too

★We made paper flowers and balloon cactus

★Setting the spoons and forks, too

★We made name tags for everyone

★Everyone did good job! Now it's time to get some food

★We did it!



Day 2


★We learned about Norimaki recipe

★Bigger voice, please?

★Presentation Practice

★We learned about sushi culture

★and made a giant poster

★Presentation Practice

★We learned about ingredients


★Presentation Practice

★We learned about cooking tools

★It's fun to decorate with markers

★Presentation Practice

★We are ready for our presentation tomorrow!


Day 3


★Memory check from yesterday

★Welcome guests

★Self introduction

★Prepare to cook

★Explain what we are going to make together

★Put plastic gloves on

★Placed seaweed

★Placed rice and spread

★Placed cucumbers and carrots in the middle

★Roll it together, 1,2,3

★We made a long Norimaki together

★Cut them in 3 Pieces

★Where's my mom?

★Show parents what we did 

★Norimaki Tasting Time

★It's yummy, may I have some more?

★How many pieces did you eat? I ate 4! I ate 5....

★Closing speech by director

★Give out medals for each children

★Thank you for coming!

★See you soon


 いかがでしたか?三沢から来た子が、「今日習ったレシピをママに教えなきゃ」「長い海苔巻き一緒に作ってみる」と言って帰って行ったのが印象的でしたキッズキャンパスのお友達もおうちでいっぱいSummer schoolのお話してくれたことでしょう有意義な三日間をともに過ごせて楽しかったですThank you for joining



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