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KIDS Campus Sunflower Camp 2019

 Hello, how are you? 大型の台風も青森を通り過ぎ、ようやく一安心。と思いきや、各地で甚大な被害をもたらしましたね。。。。皆様のご親戚、被害にあわれた方の一刻も早い復旧、復興を願っています。


 さて、キッズキャンパスではKindergarten class の年長児を対象に10月13日、14日の連休を利用し「Sunflower Camp」と称してお泊り保育を実施しました「自分のことは自分で。仲間と協力しあい、感謝の心を持つ」ことをテーマにした一泊二日でした





Day 1

★「Good morning!」「Have fun


★Story time

★「Let's go to see stars at planetarium

★「Here we are

★「Where are we going next?」

★We walked to the station from 八甲田丸エリア

★Lunch time

★We played a lot at Moku moku land

★Many wooden toys

★「Let' go down the hill

★We had lots of fun

★At the supermarket

★We packed them properly

★「What's next?」

★At Onsen

★Came back to K.C and washed lunch box

★We cooked dinner together

★Many steps to cook until we eat

★We set the table and carried food by ourselves

★「Let's eat/ いただきます

★Dessert time

★We made message cards for our mate

★We practiced for short presentation

★「This is the way, I brush my teeth

★Pajama de photos

★Movie time

★Slept quietly


Day 2

★「Good morning

★Breakfast time

★We went to our mate early in the morning and said "Ganbattene."

★Craft time

★Energy charge

★Workbook time

★本番前Nervous? Relax?

★Had short presentation in front of parents

★Closing comment by Mai先生

★Got ready to go home

★Everyone did good job




来年は一年生になって、Autumn Campに参加してね、待ってるよ!


次回はHalloween Partyの様子をお伝えします

Stay tuned

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