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KIDS Campus Halloween Party 2019

 Hello, how are you? 11月も半分が過ぎ、雪もちらつきはじめましたね。年末に向けて忘年会や家族での集まりなど、楽しいことが待っている予感がする今日この頃、皆様はいかがお過ごしですか?


 さて、キッズキャンパスでは10月25日(金)26日(土)の二日間にわたり「KIDS Campus Halloween Party 2019」をおこないました

今年のテーマは「Aladdin」スタッフは衣装を着てAladdinのキャラクターになりきり、子どもたちや保護者をAladdin worldへご招待みんなでゲームをしたり、Trick or treat をしたりと盛沢山でした




Friday session:

★「Welcome to.... McDonald??」

★K.C Aladdin ladies

★「What's going to happen next?」

★「Good morning, everyone

★「Welcome to the desert, What's your name?」

★「Watch your step

★「Hello, are you having fun?」

★There was a big lamp

★It's craft time

★「Help me please

★「What color of sweets do you like?」「I want....」

★「It's yummy

★「Now, everyone what time is it?」「It's "Trick or treat time"」

★「Trick or treat×2, give me something good to eat

★「What are you today?」「I'm a little witch

★Thank you for coming



Saturday morning session:

★「Good morning

★「Let's have fun together

★This is dark and scary place

★「Hello, did you call me?」

★「Sweets taste great

★Game winners

★Pack up time

★Trick or treat

★Teddy bear song

★Thank you for coming


Saturday afternoon session 1:

★「Good afternoon

★「Hello, everyone Welcome to K.C Halloween Party

★First game: Opening paper JOL

★「Open please

★Lucky children got some treats

★「Now, it's pack up time

★「What are you doing???」

★「Be careful where you go

★「Who wants to touch the lamp?」

★「Let me see....」

★「I made it

★Photo time

★Snack time

★「Do you like it?」

★Trick or treat time

★「Good job!」


Saturday afternoon session 2:

★「Good evening

★「Let's have fun together

★「Let's touch the lamp to call Genie

★「Did you wake me up?」

★Interview time「What are you today?」

★「Are you scared?」

★「What's going to happen?」

★Walked on the bridge safely

★On the way to the cave

★「Hello again, I want you to make 3 wishes

★Craft time

★Everyone did it properly and nicely

★「What are you looking at????

★「Do you want some?」

★「May I have blue one, please?」


★Trick or treat 

★「Here you go」「







See you soon!

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