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KIDS Campus Christmas Party 2019

 Hello, how are you? 2019年も残すところあとわずか気温は低いが、雪もわずか。。うちの子たちは「早くを作りたい」と毎日のように言ってますが、いつになることやら




 さて、キッズキャンパスでは12月20日(金)に「フレアージュスウィート」にて、「KIDS Campus Christmas Party 2019」をおこないました普段とは違った環境で、家族一緒にdinnerやgameを楽しみました




★「Good evening^^ Pick one card please

★「Welcome to the party


★「Who is going to win this game??」

★We have winners

★「1,2,3 Merry Christmas」乾杯

★Relax time


★「It's dinner time

★Gorgeous Music in dinner time


★Good facial expression

★Intro music/ song quiz

★Santa Claus came to K.C Party

★Santa was able to speak Spanish, too

★Surprise「Can you help me carrying presents, please?」

★「Ho, Ho, Ho, come here, what's your name?」

★「Do I look like him(Santa)??」

★We made a letter for Santa


★Dessert time

★We sang "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" together

★Thank you so much Santa

★Closing Speech by Education director

★Thank you for coming

★Enjoy your great holidays







 Have a Wonderful Christmas and A Happy New Year


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