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KIDS Campus Sunflower Camp 2020

 Hello, how are you? 連日暑い日が続いています30度を超える猛暑日もちらほら。。




 さて、キッズキャンパスでは8月8日(土)、9日(日)と二日間で「Sunflower Camp」を行いました(Kindergarten年長児さんの「お泊り保育」です)初めて親元から離れて一日を過ごす子どもたち。。どきどきわくわくで貴重な経験をしたことでしょう




☆「Good morning! Let's check today's schedule together

☆We needed to make pizza dough for dinner tonight

☆「Are you ready?」「Yes, of course

☆We went to the Asamushi Aquarium

☆Seals we saw were pretty big

☆We preteded as penguins behind us

☆We saw dolphines, too

☆They said "See you" with waving their tails

☆「What did you drink? Looks so yummy

☆It's lunch time

☆「I feel good with the cold patches

☆It's play time

☆「Look what I can do

☆「What are you doing there?」

☆We went shopping, too

☆「We need some....」

☆「We did it by ourselves!」

☆Back to KIDS Campus and had fun with water

☆「More water, please!」

☆We had lots of fun

☆We washed our lunch boxes

☆Listen to Airi sensei's instructions

☆We ironed our bags

☆「Thank you for your help and kindness

☆「What's next?」

☆We made our original pizza

☆「Are you listening?」

☆Next, we made Tepee tents

☆「Can you do this?」

☆Almost done

☆Had lots of fun in DJ booth

☆「We made it!」

☆「May I have some?」

☆Let's eat together

☆「What's so funny Alex sensei?」

☆「We still can eat some sweets

☆Worksheet Time

☆Get pajamas and get ready to go to bed

☆Good night

☆Sleeping angels

☆「Good morning, it's pack up time





See you next time! Stay tuned


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